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A human-focused on creating future of finance that break new ground

Building a high-level defi ecosystem that keeps innovating

Fexanium is a large-scale ecosystem that focused on creating solutions for a more advanced future of decentralized finance. We aims to revolutionize the world of different defi and bring new elements to the defi world by implementing an everdeveloping, expanding, and growing ecosystem that all feedsback into $FXM.

Fexanium will launch a series of utilities and platforms over the coming months. Revenues generated independently from our DeFi utilities will flow back into our ecosystem in a series of multiple buy-backs and burns, creating valuable price action for $FXM.

We presents a long-term roadmap with many visions that must be completed. We will have more and more utilities added to the $FXM ecosystem which will make it a one-stop solution for all your defi needs.

Fexanium's Main Characteristics

Fexanium’s goal is to create a crypto hub which has been our dream for a long time. Now it’s time for us to realize that dream & present an all-in-one trading & investment platform that is easy, complete, fast, and with a design that is pleasing to the eye.

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    User Friendly UI

    We are commited to provide best user experience to the users. No complex UI, very simple and user friendly UI. App design is clean, Smooth and Fast. User will feel comfortable to use.

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    No compromised with security. Our app is decentralized and end-to-end encrypted. Private key will never leave your device. No email registration. Nothing is centralized.

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    All in One

    The Fexanium ecosystem is very complete. Fexanium offers all your needs such as Swap, Trading, NFT Matketplace, Launchpad, IFO, Lottery, Web3 Wallet, Staking & Farm, dApps and more. Everything is providing to you

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    We love democracy. That’s why Fexanium is designed to be governed by you.

Why Fexanium?

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    Fexanium ecosystem is decentralized, meaning that there are no intermediaries controlling the flow of information or transactions. This makes it more secure, transparent, and resistant to censorship.

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    Fexanium ecosystem has the potential to revolutionize industries such as finance & e-commerce by providing new and more efficient ways of exchanging value and information.

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    Fexanium applications give users more control over their data and assets, allowing them to manage their online identity and financial transactions in a more secure and private manner.

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    Fexanium applications prioritize privacy, using encryption and other security measures to protect user data and transactions


Fexanium is community-driven, so we do not charge transaction taxes! That positively influences project development and its adoption by the community. By operating in this manner we are also a tasty morsel for larger investors and investment funds, which can certainly help us to head out into deep waters.

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    PRESALE (25%)

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    Staking & Farm (20%)

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  • countM


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    CEX LISTING (10%)

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    ECOSYSTEM (5%)

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    IDO on Fexsale (5%)

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  • $FXM


  • 0%


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    Total Supply


Follow our journey towards a better future, because the community is the key behind the success of a project. Fexanium needs all of you! Let's grow together.


1. Team Setup

2. Idea Conceptualization

3. Social Media Build-Out

4. Website and Whitepaper

5. Design UI/UX all Utilities

6. Begin Utility Development

7. Back-end Development Beta Stage

8. Front-end Development Beta Stage

9. Fexa Art-Live

10. Fexa Chain Tesnet Explorer


1. Fexa Scan Live

2. Fexabite Exchange V1.0 Live

3. Fexa Launchpad Live

4. Fexa Finance Cross-Chain Integration

5. Building Community

6. IDO on Fexsale

7. Massive Marketing Campaign

8. Presale on PinkSale

9. Pancakeswap listing

10. CG and CMC Listing


1. Bridge to Ethereium

2. Fexa Dapp V1.0 Live

3. Certik & SkyNet Audit

4. BKEX Listing

5. Fexa Finance Grand Launch

6. Continuing Marketing on Worlwide

7. Fexa Chain RPC Mainnet Launch

8. FexaBit Exchange Final Update

9. FexSale Final Version

10. Networking Event Confrence


1. Growing Team and Community

2. Fexa SOL Art Live On D'Apps

3. Audit By Hacken

4. Fexa D'apps Final Version

5. Fexanium Ecosystem Launch

6. Bridge To Solana

7. Conecting With Venture Capital

8. Partnering with Binance Labs

9. Tier 1 CEX Listing

10. Bridge Decentralized Wrapped Tokens [BNB Chain - Fexa Chain]

Bringing new elements to enter the different world of defi

Explore our-ever expanding Fexanium ecosystem


Fexa Sol Art is an open NFT marketplace on the Solana chain where NFT enthusiasts can buy, sell and create NFTs.


Fexa Chain is world's fastest and trully decentralized community run EVM based blockchain technology.


Fexa Scan is blockchain explorer on Fexanium with a fresh , modern ,easy to use interface.


Fexabit is a crypto exchange no like other,it-s the first community driven social trading platform


Build on the best network in crypto space


Our Partnership

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